Playing around with MQTT Protocol

Analysis of MQTT Protocol used for secure IoT device communication, need for light weight crypto, et cetera.

Advertisements CTF 2018 Crypto Writeups CTF is over and we (@teambi0s) finished 13th globally and since we were registered as a local team (thanks to @GeethnaTk) and stood first among the teams registered locally, hence we are eligible for prizes! Yay! This blog post covers detailed solutions to two of the crypto challenges from CTF 2018- Relations and... Continue Reading →

Announcing Crypton- An educational library to learn offensive and defensive crypto(graphy)!

In this blog post, I will be talking about my new library Crypton, my journey of building this library, future plans and much more! Check out the library on GitHub: Introduction This library is an attempt by the author to help provide a platform to learn and practice Offensive and Defensive cryptography for people interested... Continue Reading →

Pragyan CTF- RSA’s Quest

Points: 200 Description: Rivest comes up with an encryption, and Shamir creates a service for decrypting any cipher text encrypted using Rivests’s encryption. Adleman is asked to decrypt a specific ciphertext, but he is not able to do so directly through Shamir’s service. Help him out. This CTF had some okay-ish crypto challenges(didn't like the first... Continue Reading →

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