Guru Purnima 2016 

Mostly celebrated in India and Nepal, this day is the most auspicious day to express our gratitude towards our guru- our teacher. ‘Guru’ stands for ‘the remover of darkness’. It is celebrated on the purnima (full moon day) of the hindu month of ashadha (june- july). This year it is going to be celebrated on the 19th of July. 


According to Hindu mythology, this was the day when Shiva became the adi guru (first guru). This occasion has Buddhist connection too- Buddhists celebrate this day in order to honour Lord Buddha who gave his first religious discourse at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh. 


In Hindu Mythology, Guru has been put above all even above God. He is the one who has taught us what is right and what isn’t. He is the one who has given us the power to make a decision even in the most difficult times. He taught us wisdom, values which would remain and help us till the last breath. While some provided us with food, He was the one who taught us skills to earn it. 

“गुरु गोबिन्द दोउ खडे काके लागूँ पाँयबलिहारी गुरु आपने गोबिन्द दियो बताय” (Guru and The almighty both are in front of me, whom should I bow first, it is you my Guru, who showed me the path to the Almighty and I should therefore bow to you first) sums it all up! 

What could be better than having a guru by your side, showing you the path to divinity and success? 

Let us all take a pledge to express our gratitude to our gurus, they are really special. 



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